Can Bearded Dragon Eat Tomatoes? [Feeding Guide]

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Tomatoes?

Are you wondering whether your beardie can fest on tomatoes? I did some research to answer that very question. Here is what I found.

Can bearded dragons eat tomatoes? Yes, bearded dragons can in fact eat tomatoes. Tomatoes offer bearded dragons fiber and hydration. However, tomatoes should only be offered as a treat. Given that tomatoes are loaded with Vitamin A, giving too many tomatoes could lead to Vitamin A toxicity. Other benefits of feeding tomatoes to bearded dragon include source of vitamin C and beta carotene.

Bearded Dragon and Tomatoes

There are tons of fruits and veggies that you can feed to your bearded dragon. Too much of any particular of them could lead to death of your pet.

Therefore always ensure that you feed your bearded dragon the required amounts. Animal protein should always be higher than plant protein especially for young bearded dragons.

How to feed bearded dragon tomatoes

  • Always strive to feed your bearded dragon fresh tomatoes
  • Wash the tomato thoroughly
  • Cut it into small pieces and you can also mix it with other veggies such as arugula
  • Do not overfeed tomatoes to your bearded dragon, a small piece once a month is enough.


Feeding tomatoes to your bearded dragon is a great way to provide fiber and vitamin A, and at the same time provide hydration. However, do not overdo it, just a small piece a month is enough. You can supplement it with other veggies and fruits.


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