Can Bearded Dragon Eat Pickles?!!

Knowing the right food to feed your bearded dragon is very important if you are looking to keeping it healthy. In this post, we will take a deeper look into whether beardies can be fed pickled vegetables.

Can bearded dragons eat pickles?

Bearded dragons should not eat pickles due to high acidity and sodium content. While bearded dragons can eat cucumber the primary ingredient in pickles. Vinegar, salt, artificial sweeteners which make up pickles interfere with its pH. When fed to bearded dragon pickles will affect its health negatively.

Ingredients harmful to Bearded Dragon in Pickles


After water vinegar or acetatic acid is the second highest ingredients in pickles. Vinegar helps in promoting the fermentation process. Vinegar also adds up to the sour taste of the vinegar.

The acidic nature of vinegar makes it a bad food item for the bearded dragons.


Salt also make up a considerable part of the pickles and also lead to the total amount of sodium present in pickles.

High sodium content in the food of bearded dragons can be harmful to their health.

Other Additives

Other additives present in pickles that are harmful to bearded dragons include artificial sweeteners or sugars, dill weed commonly used to make dill pickles, garlic, cloves, black peppers and cinnamon.

Lastly, pickles also contain preservatives, stabilizers and colorants. These ingredients are all harmful to bearded dragons.

Can you wash pickles and feed to bearded dragons?

No you should not feed bearded dragons washed pickles, the process through which pickles are made allows them to absorb most of the ingredients that they are prepared with.

Therefore, washing them will not remove these ingredients which will end up harming the bearded dragons.


You should never feed pickles or any other preserved vegetable or fruit to your bearded dragon. The ingredients used in the preparatio of pickles will end up causing health issues to your bearded dragon.


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